Recurrent Training

Our recurrent training program is very flexible based on the requirements and requests of the client.  Our syllabi have been approved by major insurance underwriters as meeting the requirements for recurrent training.  We can travel to your location to make it very convenient for you, or if you desire you can travel to the mountains of East Tennessee to receive your recurrent training.

We want to provide you with the best possible recurrent training while at the same time offering a no nonsense, practical, and convenient way of completing your annual recurrent training.   Each year as you return (and we hope you do return) we will deal with cutting edge topics related to your aircraft, federal aviation regulations, and maintenance topics.  Keeping you on the leading edge of information will aid you in being an efficient operator of your aircraft.  Please see below the general outline of our recurrent training program.  We have an aircraft specific syllabus for each of the aircraft that we train in, so that we can focus on specific items relevant to the safety and operation of your aircraft.

Time Day Activity Time Day Activity
0800-0930 Day One Ground Training 0800-0930 Day Two Ground Training
0930-1000 Day One Break 0930-1000 Day Two Break
1000-1200 Day One Flight Training 1000-1200 Day Two Flight Training
1200-1300 Day One Lunch 1200-1300 Day Two Lunch
1300-1430 Day One Ground Training 1300-1430 Day Two Ground Training/Test
1430-1500 Day One Break 1430-1500 Day Two Break
1500-1630 Day One Flight Training 1500-1630 Day Two Flight Training/If Req
1630-1700 Day One Wrap Up/Debrief 1630-1700 Day Two Paperwork


Here is a complete list of the aircraft that we currently offer recurrent training in:

Piper PA46 Training

  • Malibu PA46-310P

  • Malibu Mirage PA46-350P

  • Malibu Meridian PA46-500TP

  • Malibu JetProp

  • Malibu Matrix PA46R-350T

Cessna Training

  • Cessna 210, T210, P210

  • Cessna 340

  • Cessna 414, 414A (Chancellor)

  • Cessna 421, 421B, 421C (Golden Eagle)

  • Cessna 425 (Conquest I)

  • Cessna 441 (Conquest II)

Beechcraft Training

  • BE-58 Baron, BE-58P (P-Baron),  G-58 (G-1000 Baron)

  • A90, B90, C90, E90, F90 King Air

  • 200, B200 King Air

Twin Commander Training

  • 690, 690A, 690 B Recurrent


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