Initital Training

Initial Training Courses


You have just bought your new aircraft.  You have all the avionics you need (maybe not that you want 😀 ), you have a fresh inspection, and you are ready to fly.  If your aircraft is pressurized, high performance, turbine, or you have relatively low time your insurance company will normally require initial training.  For professional pilots this is normal method of operation, and frankly in the career of a professional pilot they will undergo a number of training events in a number of different aircraft.  If this is the first time that your insurance has required an “approved training course” you are not alone. We want to assist you in receiving thorough training which covers a wide range of topics that you need to know about your aircraft in order to safely and efficiently operate your aircraft.  This is where the experience of the instructor comes into play, and is very important in you making a decision on where and who should train you.  The distinguishing factor of our instruction is that you receive the benefit of 15 years of operating corporate aircraft (including the type of aircraft you will train in) operational experience.  Not only have I instructed previously in all the aircraft types that I train in, but I have flown them operationally in a real world IFR environment.  In addition to that your instructor has been an A&P Mechanic for nearly 20 years.

Quite often we can meet a client where the aircraft was purchased and fly the aircraft back to the clients home base.  If the client requests we can even go and get the aircraft for the client and bring it to the clients home base for the training.

In addition to meeting the training requirements set forth in our syllabus we also want to take the time to make sure that we cover areas of interest to the client.  Perhaps you want special emphasis on avionics installed in your aircraft, high altitude operations, busy airspace operations, or single pilot resource management.  We understand your concerns and will work with you on developing skills in those areas to increase your confidence and proficiency in those areas.  We will not ignore your request because just like you we have sat on the other side classroom/airplane and received initial training.

Not all good pilots make good instructors.  In aviation many pilots have become instructors to build time.  Your instructor is a full time instructor/educator who is invested in seeing you progress in your flying career and abilities.  Our goal is first and foremost to see that we instill safe operating practices regarding your new aircraft, but also to help you learn how to efficiently operate your aircraft.  Whether you are a professional pilot or an owner operator you will need to manage the  maintenance requirements of your aircraft.  Your instructor’s expereince as an airframe and powerplant mechanic will help you learn about the maintenance aspects of your aircraft so that you are able to have a safe and reliable aircraft with a thorough understanding of pertinent maintenance aspects.

Below is a basic outline of how an initial training course would work.  Our initial training course are from 3-5 days long.  Each course normally involves 10-15 hours of ground training in the classroom, and up to 10 hours of dual instruction in your aircraft.


Time Day Activity Time Day Activity
0800-0930 Day One Ground Training 0800-0930 Day Two Flight Training
0930-1000 Day One Break 0930-1000 Day Two Break
1000-1200 Day One Ground Training 1000-1200 Day Two Ground Training
1200-1300 Day One Lunch 1200-1300 Day Two Lunch
1300-1430 Day One Flight Training 1300-1430 Day Two Flight Training
1430-1500 Day One Break 1430-1500 Day Two Break
1500-1630 Day One Flight Training 1500-1630 Day Two Ground Training
1630-1700 Day One Wrap Up/Debrief 1630-1700 Day Two Wrap Up/Debrief
0800-0930 Day Three Flight Training 0800-0930 Day Four Ground Training/Test
0930-1000 Day Three Break 0930-1000 Day Four Break
1000-1200 Day Three Ground Training 1000-1200 Day Four Flight Training/X-C
1200-1300 Day Three Lunch 1200-1300 Day Four Lunch
1300-1430 Day Three Flight Training 1300-1430 Day Four Flight Training/X-C
1430-1500 Day Three Break 1430-1500 Day Four Flight Training/X-C
1500-1630 Day Three Ground Training 1500-1630 Day Four Flight Training/X-C
1630-1700 Day Three Wrap Up/Debrief 1630-1700 Day Four Complete Paperwork


  • Malibu PA46-310P                                                          
  • Malibu Mirage PA46-350P
  • Malibu Meridian PA46-500TP*
  • Malibu JetProp*
  • Malibu Matrix PA46R-350T


  • Cessna 210, T210, P210
  • Cessna 340
  • Cessna 414, 414A (Chancellor)
  • Cessna 421, 421B, 421C (Golden Eagle)
  • Cessna 425 (Conquest I)
  • Cessna 441 (Conquest II)


  • BE-58 Baron, BE-58P (P-Baron),  G-58 (G-1000 Baron)
  • A90, B90, C90, E90, F90 King Air 
  • 200, B200 King Air 

*Note some underwriters have specific requirements regarding initial training please contact us regarding your aircraft.

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