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I contracted Dan to train all 3 pilots in the flight department in our Turbo Commander. It turned out to be one of the best sessions we’ve ever had. Dan came to our home base, so I did not have to send 3 guys out on an expense account and have them away from home once again. Dan gave us a very comprehensive ground school and a thorough workout in the aircraft. He was quick to tailor our training specifically for us, concentrating on where we might have had some rust, or need some skills sharpened. I feel good about our training, I think I learned some new things, and have a better handle on the aircraft in general. In short, I plan to use him for our next recurrent training.

Steve, Turbo Commander 690B

I really enjoyed my initial King Air training with Dan.  Dan is very knowledgeable about the systems and flight characteristics of the King Air and was able to convey his knowledge in a practical and simple way to me.  I love flying my King Air and Dan was instrumental in making that possible!  Looking forward to recurrent training next year.

Jeff, King Air F90, G600, GTN 750

I just finished my Initial Training for my Cessna 414.  It went GREAT!!  Originally, I had been trying to work with another company for initial training and they were having a hard time getting approved by my insurance company…. so finally, I gave in and asked the insurance company for a list of approved Initial Training companies.  As I scanned the list they provided, I saw a familiar name…. Daniel Moore of Watauga Flight Service…. Dan is a frequent contributor to The Twin Cessna Flyer website that I frequent.  I called Dan and we scheduled my initial training.

Here are my top 3 favorite things about Dan…. 1.)  He’s got terrific communication skills….  leading up to my training he stayed in regular touch about the schedule and remained flexible as plans shifted; 2.) He’s a great experienced pilot and knew my airplane extremely well…. I learned a ton while we flew together and from his written training materials and from his experiences as a commercial pilot; and 3.) He’s an A & P, which added a dimension to my training that was invaluable…. he not only knew how to teach me to fly the plane, but also knew how to help diagnose a few issues that arose during training.

You’ll be happy that you learned in your plane AND you’ll be VERY VERY happy with the high quality training that Dan provides.  I’m already looking forward to recurrent training next year!

Glenn, Cessna 414 (C414), Aspen PFD

I appreciate your professionalism and your obvious desire to make me a better and safer pilot.  The environment you provide both in the classroom and in the airplane, gives a very comfortable and non-threatening approach to the training which leads to the best learning situation.  I also like the way that you increase the complexity of the year-to-year training so that I come away learning several new and important items as well as some new tricks and techniques.

In particular, this year’s training highlights were:

First and foremost– flying an ILS using only the backup instruments in a learning environment sure beats having to do it for real for the first time in real IMC down to minimums (also add by myself).  In addition, the use of NAV5 page with TRK lined up under the heading is a lot easier than just flying the needles.  Now that I have flown that, if I ever have to do it for real, I will be more comfortable and more likely to do it right. 

Second– your suggestions for handling changes from ATC that are late or inconveniently timed in an approach will no doubt be very helpful in the future.

I have enjoyed and learned a lot from working with you on recurrent training.  I would recommend you to anyone who wants to treat their training seriously and who wants to get the most for their time and effort.

Ken, PA46-350 Mirage (JetProp), Avidyne System

I recently completed my initial training on the Cessna 425 Conquest with Dan Moore, owner and CEO of Watauga Flight Service.  The training was thorough and insightful.  Dan provided all the Manuals, checklists and study material for my aircraft, which made studying and training a breeze!  Thanks Dan.
 Abe, EMB145, HS125, LR, SA227, Cessna 425

Abraham, Cessna 425 Conquest I Blackhawk

I flew with Dan for recurrent training and found him to be very professional. His ground school was thorough and covered a lot of material. The flight training was challenging and well disciplined. I look forward to flying with him again.

Bob, PA46 JetProp

I was about to schedule my transition training from my Cirrus SR22 into a Cessna Conquest I (425) with SimCom when I found Dan Moore. Instead of staying away from my work a full week with SimCom we completed the training in 4 days (including the weekend) with only 2 days out of work and he was even able to split this in two sessions a couple of weeks apart to accommodate my schedule. We did all the flying in my airplane in harsh circumstances. Flew almost a whole day shooting approaches in full IFR in icing conditions with crosswind on landings. Experiencing the “feel” of your airplane in these conditions is something you don’t get in a simulator. With SimCom I would still have to fly quite a few more hours in my plane to get to this point.  All of this and Dan’s program ended up cheaper overall than the SimCom would have been and on top of that you couldn’t find a nicer guy to be around for 4 days!  My training with Dan was invaluable…thanks Dan.

Masoud, Cessna Conquest C425, G600, GTN 750, GTN 650, GWX 70.


I had what I consider to be a perfect experience. A full day of approaches in actual IMC. I really thought the training was thorough. There is only so much one can get accomplished in 10 hours. My flight home was a testament to your training. Icing, instrument failure, ILS approach in actual conditions using back up instruments.

I would strongly recommend the Courtyard Hotel, very clean and new. Many restaurants nearby.

Eric, Piper Malibu PA46-310P

I recently chose Watauga Flight Service to complete an initial training in a twin cessna for myself and one other pilot.  I can not say enough about what a positive experience I had with Dan.  His aviation knowledge and first hand experience from flying twin cessnas was invaluable to me as a low time multi engine pilot.  As if that was not enough but his detailed mechanical knowledge about every aspect of the plane only enhanced the experience.  In my opinion I could not have gotten this combination of aviaition and mechanical experience combined into one instructor anywhere else.  Dan is a true professional that has a multitude of experience in the aircraft he trains in.    I would highly recommend Dan to anyone wanting excellent flight instruction and real world answers to the questions about their aircraft.

John, Cessna 335

 Made it home in one piece.  Beautiful flight. I really enjoyed the training this week.  Learned a lot about airplanes and flying beyond the scope of the class and feel like a better pilot for it. Thanks for everything.

Dan, Cessna P210

 I’ve been flying a Cessna 425 for 23 years. Been in sim’s for all these years, and now with help from my insurance company, I found Dan Moore! The training was great and informative. I will return for training! You will enjoy your training as well, if you choose to train with Dan. Safe flying, and enjoy. Thank you, Dan.  

 R. Lloyd C-425

 I went to Dan at Watauga Flight Service for initial training in the Malibu. As a professional pilot I have been through many ground schools and countless hours of training. From the beginning I was impressed with the organization and caliber of the instruction that Dan provided. He knows the PA-46 inside and out and was able to give in depth instruction on the avionics that were recently installed in the plane (G500, GNS530, EDM930, etc.) Dan was very flexible and stayed late to get me night current as well as making sure I was proficient flying the plane. Overall had a great time and was very satisfied from day one with the entire experience, I highly recommend Dan and Watauga Flight Service.

David , Malibu

Thanks for a great experience for my recurrent training in my Malibu.  Your experience level shows and you were on task each day.  I was really impressed that you knew the avionics as well as you did.  I was new to the avionics as we had just installed the G500 and was still not that comfortable flying with it.  You showed us a great deal in a short amount of time in some very difficult wind conditions.  I was equally impressed that he stayed late to get out night currency in and was up early the next day to get us finished.  Thanks for a great experience!

Brian, Piper Malibu

Thanks for the training.  I enjoyed flying with you and found your experience as a pilot coupled with your mechanical knowledge a real learning experience. I look forward to seeing you again next year.

Marcelo, King Air E90

 Thank you for the recent Cessna 414 training you provided me. I appreciated your working with my schedule and availability. I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone who needs additional training. Your ability as a “true” instructor vs. just a pilot with many hours was clearly evident! I am looking forward to our next training session.

Greg, Cessna 414

 “Was very well pleased with the initial training given by Dan in the Cessna 340.  The ground school portion was well laid out and Dan made the systems on the 340 very easy to understand, especially the fuel system.  Dan makes you feel very comfortable in the aircraft, which helps in getting checked out in an unfamiliar aircraft.  Would highly recommend Dan’s services to anyone.  Looking forward to the recurrent training!”

Dustin Cessna 340A

 I am 1100hr pilot making the move from a Saratoga IITC into a 2002 Malibu Mirage.  I will admit it was a bit intimidating moving into such a big aircraft, but having Dan Moore and his professional training program sitting next to me, made the transition fun.  By the time I finished his intensive 3 day course, I felt very confident about flying my new Malibu all they back from Tennessee to Arizona.  Taking off for the first time by myself, I was amazed at how much I knew about this complicated aircraft.  I felt like I knew as much about the Malibu in just three days as I did in my Saratoga after 500hr of flying it.  Thanks for the great experience Dan!

Julian, G500 Mirage 

 I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your professional efforts for my recurrent training.  I can see why it’s often a two day effort, but the intensity and stress of combining both in the same day also serves a purpose of more accurately reflecting real work conditions where pressures and stress impact our flying as well.    In sum, I consider it time well spent and left with a lot more than just a signed off certificate.

Chuck J., PA46-500TP G1000 Meridian Owner

 Just shot an approach to minimums 250 AGL decision, misting, wet runway, fog, swirling winds, no autopilot – was steady the whole time. Thanks for the excellent training.

Cessna 421 Owner

 As a new Mirage owner I was seeking out a CFI for my initial training requirements from the insurance company. My personal requirements were to find an individual that had the flexibility to meet my schedule and have the background in flying skills as well as mechanical. Dan fit the bill. I flew in from New York to meet Dan and see my new plane. Dan flew in to Florida from Tennessee to meet me. We started our groundtraining that day and the next day we flew together to New York. The following week, I completed the ground and flight portions of my initial training. Dan was very detailed from his years of experience flying the Malibu. It was enjoyable spending the time and learning. I highly recommend Dan and his company.

-Chuck P ,PA46 N323MA,2002 Mirage

I was very pleased with your training. I got the information and training that I felt that I needed to be comfortable in the aircraft. It was presented in a logical sequence with a nice, easy flow.

-John , PA46 Mirage

 When looking for instruction for my IFR certificate I chose Watauga Flight Service.  The training was professional and comprehensive.  During my check ride, the examiner even noted that my knowledge of the avionics was the best he had seen.

-Phillip , C182

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the training I received in N421KA. Not only was it a great training but you put me at ease right from the start, I feel even more comfortable and safer in the airplane than I have before. I look forward to keeping in touch and training with you again next year.

-Matt , 421C Golden Eagle






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