Other Services

In addition to offering initial and recurrent flight training in a number of aircraft we also offer aircraft appraisals, aircraft purchase assistance (buyer’s agent), aircraft brokerage, pre-purchase evaluations, and maintenance management of piston and turbine aircraft. We provide appraisals in TN, VA, NC, VA, and WV, but we are able to provide appraisal services anywhere in the United States or foreign countries.

We offer very low cost acquisition and brokerage services for aircraft.  We can broker any aircraft, but specialize in PA46 Malibu, PA46 Mirage, PA46 Meridian, PA46 Matrix, PA46 JetProp, King Air, Cessna 340, Cessna 414, Cessna 421, and Cessna 425.  No aircraft is to small for us to broker or acquire.  Please contact us for more info.

I am a Senior Certified and trained appraiser with the National Aircraft Appraisers Association.  In addition to this certification we also have the capability and training to produce USPAP compliant appraisals.  USPAP appraisals are generally required by banks and legal proceedings. For more information click the link below to be directed to the aircraft appraisal website for Watauga Flight Service.

Click the link below for our appraisal and other aircraft services.


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