In 1988 at the age of 15 I started flying. As a Civil Air Patrol cadet I was chosen to attend a solo school.  I soloed at the age of 16.  Due to a limited flying budget it took me a couple more years to get my Private Pilot Certificate.  In 1994 after 18 months in A&P school I earned my Airframe & Power Plant Certificates.  In the next couple of years I also obtained my Instrument Rating,  Commercial Pilot Certificate and Flight Instructor with Instrument Privileges. In 1997 I graduated from Moody Aviation with a B.S. in Missionary Aviation Technology which was a sort of a bush pilot academy.   In that same year I began flying professionally, and  I also began flight instructing.  Since that time I have been actively flight instructing.  During this time the company I was flying a Turbo Centurion (C-210) decided to purchase a Piper Malibu Mirage.  Over the next few year I logged a number of hours in the PA46 series.  Throughout my corporate flying career I was fortunate to be able to stay active in flight instructing.   It was during this period that I was able to instruct a number of people in a the Beechcraft Baron to obtain their Multi-Engine Rating. In 2002 I accepted a position flying flying a Beechcraft King Air 200.  After spending several years in that position and logging over 1,000 hours in the KA200.  My next flying opportunity was a job flying and maintaining a Cessna 421C Golden Eagle.  In 2009 I went into full time flight instruction.  After several months of working with insurance underwriters and getting my flight training programs approved by various insurance underwriters.

Currently I have received approvals from insurance underwriters to provide training the in the following aircraft.

PA-46-310P Malibu

PA-46-350P Mirage

PA46-500TP Meridian

PA46R-350T Matrix

PA46 JetProp Conversion

Cessna 335, and Cessna 340

Cessna 414, and Cessna 414A Chancellor

Cessna 421, and Cessna 421C Golden Eagle

Cessna 425, Conquest I

King Air A90

King Air B90

King Air C90

King Air E90

King Air F90

King Air 200

Beechcraft Baron 58

Beechcraft Baron 58P

Cessna T210

Cessna P210



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