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Watauga Flight Service offers professional flight training (initial, recurrent, mentoring or supplemental) in a number of aircraft.  Our flight training programs are designed to meet the requirements of your aviation insurance policy. We have an aircraft specific syllabus for each and every aircraft that we train in.  We work closely with aviation insurance underwriters to ensure that our training meets the highest standards.  What sets our flight training apart from other companies is  the experience of the instructor.  With over 16 years of flight instructing experience, an airframe and powerplant mechanics certificate, and 15 years of flying corporate airplanes our experience can help you have a better understanding of how to manage and fly your aircraft efficiently.  We will work with you to customize a training program to help you gain confidence and refine you skills.   In addition to being a thorough  comprehensive program we also aim to make the training convenient to our clients.  We bring the training to you at your location.  Our goal is to make the training experience flexible, convenient, and comprehensive.

Currently we offer training in the following aircraft:

Piper:   Initial and Recurrent in the Following (PA46 Initial and Recurrent, King Air Initial and Recurrent, Twin Cessna Initial and Recurrent, Cessna 210 Initial and Recurrent, Beechcraft Baron Initial and Recurrent.)

PA46 Initial and Recurrent in the following

  • PA46-310P Malibu                               
  • PA46-350P Malibu Mirage
  • PA46-500TP Malibu Meridian
  •  PA46-310 and 350P JetProp
  • PA46R-350T Matrix

Cessna: Initial and Recurrent in the following

  • Cessna 210, T210, P210
  • Cessna 310
  • Cessna 340
  • Cessna 414 (Chancellor)
  • Cessna 421 (Golden Eagle)
  • Cessna 425 (Conquest I) & Cessna 441 (Conquest II)

Beechcraft: Initial and Recurrent in the Following

  • Baron BE-58, BE-58P, G-58
  • King Air A90, B90, C90, E90, F90
  • King Air 200, B200

Watauga Flight Service has a detailed and focused initial and recurrent flight training programs that will give a  pilot the confidence to safely and efficiently operate a wide variety of aircraft.  Our initial flight and recurrent flight training programs include aircraft like the King Air 90 Series (A90, B90, C90., E90 and F90), King Air 200 and King Air B200, Piper Malibu, Piper Malibu Mirage, Piper Matrix, Piper Meridian, Piper JetProp , as well as the Cessna T210, Cessna P210, Cessna 340, Cessna 414, Cessna 421, and Cessna 425 Conquest. These programs are tailored to meet the requirements of your insurance policy, and have been reviewed by the insurance companies.

We will help you have a thorough understanding of your aircraft systems, performance, and emergency procedures.  in addition to providing initial training and recurrent training we also provide mentoring and supplemental training (avionics, high altitude endorsements etc.).  Our programs are aimed at making you a confident pilot proficient in the knowledge and operation of the aircraft systems, and avionics.

Frequently your insurance company may tell you that you MUST attend a simulator school.  While simulator based training can be very good training, some people would rather train in their aircraft.  Let us work with your insurance broker and underwriter to get you the best training.  Sometimes a no simply means that they need a reason to allow you to train in your aircraft. We can get training in your aircraft approved.  With so many different avionics packages available (Garmin G500, Garmin G600, Aspen, GNS 430, GNS 530, Avidyne, Garmin G1000, Aspen, and many others)  we can give you the training specific to the equipment in your aircraft.  While Simulator companies such as SIMCOM, Simuflite, and FlightSafety, offer good training they cannot have panels/autopilot set ups for every aircraft.  Training in your aircraft offers the distinct advantage of knowing your equipment.  We have experience with all of the avionics set ups and can give you the specialized training you need to safely and efficiently operate your aircraft.  If you think your insurance if forcing you into Simulator training, but you want to train in your aircraft we will work with your insurance company to make that happen.  We have experience doing this with many clients, and have had good success at it.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please take a few moments and see all the great flight training services we provide, the aircraft we train in and the ways we help transform you into the best pilot you can be. Call us today!

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